Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 102 Half Way Mark

Wow, I literally have only 3 weeks left in Honduras and then I am done....bucha I cannot believe it. It is truly amazing how time goes by so fast. But, literally being a missionary is a privilege. I have enjoyed every minute here in Honduras and it is amazing of the miracles that I have seen here in Honduras. We have worked a lot here in Intibuca trying to help activate so many less actives. There are like over 200 less actives here and we are responsible for all of them. It is overwhelming sometimes, but we are doing what we can to help everyone to come unto Christ, to feel of his love and know of God's plan for us. We are doing our best to work on investigators too. But, since my companion is more worried about the ward, we are doing the best we can to work on a little bit of both. The familia Corales is doing great...we helped them on another part this week of the divorce. There are only a couple more parts they need to do and they can get married and then baptized. What an amazing family they are and their desire to change. And our Heavenly Father will help them...we both just need to have faith and everything will go alright. We found this cool family and all of them want to get and my companion are helping them prepare to get baptized the Saturday before I leave. It is weird to think of the little time I have left!

Wednesdays and Saturdays here in the night are so awesome. Me and another gringo teach English classes to a bunch of members, less actives, and investigators in the church. Surprisingly, we get a lot of people attend. It is so dope. It actually helps me to speak better Spanish and to remember a little bit English at the same time.

Having a lot of fun here in Intibuca...trying to make every last moment count until the end. Something I learned this week from Elder Dale G. Renlund that I love is that:

"A Dios le importa mas quienes somos y en quienes nos estamos convirtiendo, que quienes fuimos alguna vez." "God does not care who we once were, only in who we are now in who we want to be." The spirit helps us everyday to become better people. To follow His plan and to become who we are suppose to be. I know this because it has happened in my own life. I speak from my own experience. I love my mission and who I am becoming. I know God will blessing me if I finish this good. Love you all....see you soon!

Les quiero,

Elder Jensen

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