Monday, January 23, 2017

Week 103 My Purpose

Wow....I have no words to describe what I am feeling today. It feels weird to be going home in 2 weeks. I feel like just yesterday I arrived here in La Esperanza and now I have already been here a month. But, this past week I have learned a lot about this area and why God sent me here to finish my mission. To be honest, I wanted to baptize in my last area, but I know now he did not send me here to do that. Yes, baptizing is prize to a missionary. But, I now know he sent me here to just love the people of La Esperanza and to learn to love me, and the person I am truly becoming. Here in Intibuca, the people do not remember the sweet feelings of the spirit and the the gift of the Holy Ghost they received so long ago. I am here, my purpose, is to help them receive that once again, to feel it and let that change them. I know it can because it has for me. The love of Christ and Heavenly Father has changed me and has changed how I feel about myself. I am not perfect, I never have been and I never will be. But, what I have learned on my mission for myself and what I have tried to convey to the people Honduras is, all He expects is that we try our very best. And if we are REALLY trying He, Christ, will make up the difference. It's when we stop trying is when we fail.  I know Familia Corales will get baptized, and all the other investigators I am teaching as well one day, I have felt that they will. My purpose here is to help those people and less actives receive that sweet spirit I have received in my mission. One of my favorite things to do as missionary is making people laugh. Seeing them smile brightens my day. I know that if I can feel the spirit always, they can too. They just need to find it. As I think about it, if there is no sacrifice, there will not be any blessings. I know why I am here and I know why I am with my companion. And I know that the pure love of Christ is real.

This week was fun....not a lot of people came to English classes this week. I have grown to love the Spanish language...even thought it has been a challenge to learn. I have gotten even better just by teaching it these last couple of weeks.  I know I will talk to my dad everyday so I don't forget Spanish. That is for sure. But, I am enjoying my last little bit here in Honduras. I know my Savior lives and loves me and he loves you.  I know have my weaknesses, but I know through the Atonement I can be saved through his grace. And you can too. Love you all!
Les quiero,
Elder Jensen

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