Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 3 of Home - "All I Want For Christmas is My Mission Back"

Wow, I can not believe how fast this week has gone. (I am going to write in English again, because I am lazy today.) But, this week I have done so much to keep myself active and focused on my a little fun. This week I studied with the spanish missionaries again and was able to attend their District/Zone Meeting. It was so much fun. I was actually asked to give a little lesson regarding faith and how we can help others come unto him through the power of faith. A quote and talk that you are probably familiar with from this past conference was by Neil L. Andersen. He says: "Faith is not by chance, but by choice." As it describes in this we can only choose to have faith unless we act on it and decide to receive it. We must act on it to receive it and will receive those precious blessings of this gospel. As President Monson said: " The Future is bright as your future." You guys can do it and I know we all can do it! I am really miss my mission at this point in time. I have come to realize just how much I love it, as soon it is was taken from me. So, enjoy this time while you can.  It is a blessing. 

As news this week, I received word from my doctor that I can return to full activity as of the 18th December. So, I talked to my Stake President. I gave him the doctor's release and my letter stating how much I want to return before Christmas.  So, I have done my part and now we wait. All I am waiting for now is what day I am going back. I am trying as much as possible to get myself pumped up to get back out there and finish my mission. I was actually able to go to the temple with my mom last Friday. What a pleasurable experience that was. 

I have been keeping many of the missionary rules and day to day activities so I stay in the missionary mindset. But, I have been watching some Christmas movies and this week I started a Star Wars marathon, because I plan and will see the 7th one on opening night before I go back out. So, I am excited for that. In your faces!

I have enjoyed this week and plan to do as much as I can to  keep myself physically, mentally, and spiritually prepared to return to my mission. Love you all so much and I am glad you guys are encouraging me during this time. Again, more than any other gift this Christmas I want to return to my mission. Once again, love you all and hope to see you all real soon! Cheque Pues!

Con Mucho Carino,

Elder Alec Jensen

P.S. And as my trainer said, whom I love dearly, Sacrificio esta temporal, pero gloria es eterno!

Family photos

district meeting with the Livermore missionaries.

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