Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 47 The First Christmas

I had a wonderful Christmas here in Roble Oeste. I was able to celebrate here in Honduras for my first Christmas away from home! I was truly blessed to get back to Honduras to be here during the Christmas time. It felt a little weird not being home for Christmas, but mostly I enjoyed it. Its really the people you are with that make it special.

During the week I did feel some pain, since I am still recovering a little, so we tried our best to get out as much as possible. I believe it is a blessing that I am serving with Elder Hernandez, because he has to take breaks periodically because of his tendinitis. Some days it is hard, but I am giving it all I got. 

We had some miracles this week. Me and my companion were able to receive some revelation in order to help our area grow! One night we were beat because we went out contacting and got nothing! So, we decided to come home early and just look through our area book and find anyone that had a positive remark that would want to hear back from us. We prayed and talked and guess what it helped, we called many of them and they want to see us this week. So, we have a lot of citas (appointments) for this week from the people we called. We are so pumped. For example, David Rodriguez. My companion called him up because he had all the lessons and had gone to church several times. He just has problems with the Word of Wisdom. So, we thought we should give him a call. (the last time the elder's taught him was 10 MONTHS ago) He answered positive and he said he needs our help! What a miracle. We are meeting with him today! Please pray for us and him that he will feel the spirit and want to learn more.

Christmas was stupendous. On Christmas Eve, we were up until 12 watching the incredible fireworks. They were screaming all night! I could barely sleep! I opened my package my family that they sent with me and I loved everything. Tie hanger, HLJ ring, Spanish verb book, candy, and a backgammon set too. (Note: My dad taught me how to play while I was home for surgery) I just taught it to my companion yesterday, and he beat me on the first try! What luck! But, it was a fun and a memorable Christmas. Talking to my Family was great! Garron, my good friend, even showed up! On Christmas we were able to go caroling to some less actives and investigators. The spirit was so strong! Loved it. I have some recordings posted below! Hope you like them!

This week was amazing. I'm not a 100%, but I'm getting stronger. God works in mysterious ways and he does know that I need to be here more than there! I love my mission. It is changing me a little day by day. And as I change and become more like him I can tell and teach others about him and his son Jesus Christ.  Love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! Happy New Year!

Con muco CariƱo,

Elder Jensen

P.S. I was able to give a wrapped Book of Mormon to someone this week! Que poder!!!

Christmas Dinner

My view from my apartment. See the Temple?

Christmas Day Skype

My new tie hanger.

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