Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 1 of Home - SURGERY-

As much as I didn't want to leave my mission, I had to go to get my hernia surgery in the United States. The mission department in Salt Lake deamed it unsafe to have the surgery done in Honduras. I flew home Tuesday November 17th. My mom and and dad were at the San Francisco Airport to pick me up. Its amazing to see them along with my sisters. My bed was so soft and to be able to take a "normal" shower was amazing. But, I truly missed the people and friends I had gotten so close to in Siguatepeque. I skyped with a few of the families this week and made some contact with old district elders that had gone home by phone and facebook. My parents arranged for the Spanish Missionaries, along with with the elders that they lived with, to come every morning for breakfast to have study time. This will help me keep missionary minded and in the grove. I am hoping to get back out before Christmas.

Of course went to In and Out the very next day. Saw Dr. Lee for pre-surgery appointment. Surgery is Friday at 6am. 

My sis...Rachel. She had HS finals today.

Taught my little sister, Amy, how to play Monopoly Dealer

Skyping with Wilson and family from Sigua

Elder Magana, Elder Johnson, Elder Methvin, and Elder Yanez

Prepped for Double Hernia Surgery
About to wheeled off to surgery

Recovery room. My first words when I woke up were, "The road back to Honduras starts here and now."

Visitors...Mathias and Garron Hahn. My favorite family.

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