Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 4 of Home - The Gift of the Century

This week was amazing! I have some very exciting news for you guys! Up until December 10th I was told that I would not be returning back to Honduras until after Christmas. The mission department in Salt Lake said that the missionaries do not travel the week of Christmas. And because the doctor did not medically release me until Friday December 18th, it was too late. So, I had come to grips that I was not going to make it back until December 28th. But, President Ferman talked to my stake president and he wanted and needed me back on the 19th. He wanted me to come home...home as in Mission. I am so excited. I cannot ask for a better Christmas present, ever. I am ready to spread his love and message and life to everyone during this most wonderful time of year. I can tell everyone about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and how that knowledge can change their lives. I know that through him and following him, we will receive true happiness. 

My grandparents came for a couple of days to say hi and bye. I was able to go the temple with my Grandma Hibler to do some family names. Both initatories and endowments. We went out to eat to eat to may favorite places and watched some Christmas videos. We did an early Chirstmas Eve tradition too. I got to go to Star Wars 7 on opening night with my friend Garron Hahn. It was amazing. Friday the missionaries came over for the last time for breakfast and studying and to stay good bye. I will miss them. They were a great bunch of elders that helped me through a tough time. I will never forget them. I left at 1:30 am on Saturday December 19th back to Honduras.

I might not ever know why this happened, but I did learn somethings that I will take back with me to Honduras. 

Con mucho Carino,

Elder Alec Jensen
Tickets to the Star Wars 7
Hleping the Livermore Missionaries at the Interfaith Chior Festival
Saying good bye to Taylor...again. He goes back to his mission in Salem Oregon on January 5th
Heading the Temple with Grandma Hibler
My dentist's Ferrari 
My sisters
Dinner with everyone at Sauced
Saying good bye to my family.

At the San Francisco Airport ready to go back to Honduras.

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