Sunday, December 27, 2015

Week 46 A Christmas Miracle I made it home to my mission! I arrived at the airport in Honduras at like 12:20pm on the Saturday December 19th. When I got there, I was expecting President or the secretaries to be there. But, I did not see any of them there. It was surprising. I did not have a phone to call anyone. Luckily, some members were there picking up some people and I borrowed there phone and called Elder Corey (the only number I remembered) so that he could call President or the Asistentes de Presidente. So, I just waited there for an hour until President's son and who I would soon learn was my new companion. Unfortunately, I did not got back to Siguatepeque and Elder Corey. But, I did go to a new area I think I will like just as much as Sigua.

My new area is Roble Oeste. And my new companion is Elder Hernandez. He is from Chicago and he is 26 years old. Interesting story because he was inactive for 6 years and got into medicine and school and had no intention of going on a mission. Until some missionaries contacted  him and his family and he was re-activated and then he decided he wanted to serve a mission. He barely made the deadline at 25 and was able to go on a mission. He is suffering from tendonitis in his ankle. His legs hurt everyday and it sometimes hurts him to walk. So, both he and I have to take it easy until transfers. I am so happy he made the decision to go on a mission.  He just got done with his training and still does not know a whole lot of Spanish. So, we have a lot of studying to do. Which is good for me too.

The coolest thing about my area is......the temple is literally 2 minutes from my house. I can see it from my house. My area is huge and mostly all the rich people in Honduras live there. So, it felt like I was living in the States again. So, I am excited to work in this area. We are opening re-opening the area and so there is a lot of work to be done.

I am enjoying my time here so far. Christmas time is such a wonderful time of year. I am glad I was able to return before Christmas and be able to spend time with the people and express to my love for the Savior and he birth. I am excited to be here and be on my mission celebrating Christmas.

I am really excited to skype with you guys and see you again. I do not know what time I will skype you. But, just be ready at any time. The hours may range from 11 to 6 your time. Oh, and do me a favor. Could you bring Scott over or Garron when I call so that I can talk with them? If you can, great. If not, its fine.

Love you all and I am loving it here in my area. Made a recording....hope you enjoy it. FELIZ NAVIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Con mucho CariƱo,

Elder Jensen

P.S. Shot a pic of a Mack Truck for my grandpa. He sales their trucks. 

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